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SOS Classroom

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Want to help us with our project?

All of our resources are vetted by our team of college students and expert educators. Yet we’re always looking for more! We need your help!

There are three easy ways to contribute pages to our resource database:

  • email us at sosclassroom[at]
  • tweet us @sosclassroom or #sosclassroom
  • tag a page with “sosclassroom”
  • post a link in our comments below

What’s Tagging?

Tagging is a way to help collect and share websites on a certain topic. Using free, online services such as Delicious or Diigo, you can bookmark excellent educational pages. Then, organize them by adding descriptive tag. The “sosclassroom” tag is unique to our project, so when you use that label, you add your page directly to our set of resources.

How To Bookmark

  1. Sign up for Delicious or Diigo.
  2. Get the browser Add-On or Toolbar
  3. Go to an educational website and add the bookmark
  4. Use the “sosclassroom” tag.

Once you’ve signed up for Diigo, you can join our Diigo group. It’s a way to be even more tuned into the resources we find.

To learn more about Social Bookmarking, watch this video:

Even easier: Post links to sites right here

You can also just post a link in our comments right on this page!