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SOS Classroom

LangArts 3-5

Language Arts Resources for Grades 3, 4, and 5.

Mega Sites:


Practice reading comprehension, bank of short stories

Higher level reading, index of fairy tales

Scholastic lists of books recommended for elementary schoolers

  • Recommend a Book
    Read book recommendations from kids your age, or write one yourself.

  • Word Girl Games

See this site for word games from the tv series World Girl, includes Synonym Toast among others.


  • Grammar Blast

Grammar Quizzes for every grammatical subject Grades 2-5

  • Grammar Identification

Finding and identifying parts of speech, with definitions

  • Sentence Making

Breaks down how to make a sentence

  • BBC Skillwise

Practice making sentences and determining what is a sentence

General Vocab

  • AAA Spell

Vocabulary and Spelling Lists for Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

  • National Reading Vocabulary List

Vocab for level 4 structured over a weekly schedule.

  • Ms. Burson’s Vocabulary lists

Vocabulary lists with definitions from books (Grade 5)


  • Dance Mat Typing

Learn to Type and Dance while playing this fun online tutorial.

Word Girl Synonym Toast

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