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SOS Classroom

Math 6-8

Math Resources for Grades 6, 7, and 8.

Mega Sites

  • Probability
  • Volume
  • Ordering Decimals
  • And Much More

Computer-animated videos about math topics from complex inequalities to equations.

Math 5

Alberta Education’s excellent set of video resources that cover a wide range of math topics with entertaining short videos. Includes videos on:

Find your way through a monster-filled maze using logic and, yup, algebra!

Have fun while you solve equations!

Can you find the equation to best fit the line?

Cool Stuff

Learn about code breaking then try your hand at this challenge or that one!

Behold and be amazed at the power of fractal geometry!

Watch a fire spread according to probability.  How much of the forest will escape the heat?

Who says quizzes are just for school. Try your brain at a variety of diabolical math trials.

Mr. Marcos’ Math Train provides many lessons in all topics of math.

Here are fun and challenging math games for a wide range of skill levels.

A whole host of online gizmos to play with from an abacus to dueling calculators from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Practice integer problems and an interactive number line

The World of Online Math. Everything from lessons to games, instruction to tutoring.