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SOS Classroom

Math K-2

Math Resources for Kindergarten, decease 1st and 2nd grade.

Mega Sites


Kindergartners match shapes with Big Bird.

learning geometry and polynomials
Can be adjusted to several levels, most appropriate for 1st graders.

twist shapes to fit the robot


fill in the appropriate shape to complete a pattern

learn patterns by cracking a code

help Cookie Monster make patterns


Children add basic shapes and fill in the answer in the box.

Game is appropriate for 1st graders.

1st Grade Math Lesson

By choosing “easy” level for addition, subtraction, or multiplication students can learn basic math lessons.

2nd graders can help a frog jump to a higher rock to add numbers

count the fish- addition game

learn to multiply


learn to tell time by setting the clock

create a face for the clock by selecting the correct time


practice addition and subtraction while learning how to make change with money

2nd graders learn to count money and win fish

  • Discovering Coin Values

learn coin values


2nd graders learn to correctly identify fractions.

learn fractions with pizza slices

learn fraction and beat the timer (1st graders)

Even/Odd & Place Value

learn even and odd numbers (for 2nd graders)

Learn place value with cartoons