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SOS Classroom

Grades K-2 Biology: Snails

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The Speedy Snail Experiment

Materials Needed:

  • A snail (or two if you want to race them)
  • An area where there is dirt and concrete
  • A timer if you’re only using one snail
  • Vase

Can a snail can move faster while on concrete or dirt.  Go outside, hunt down some snails, then find a place where there is dirt and concrete next to each other. You can use chalk to draw a starting line and a finish line, and then simply place one snail at the starting line in the dirt and one snail at the starting line on the concrete.

Once one of the snails crosses the finish line, record the results and return the snails to a safe place where they won’t be stepped on.

This project will work great if you remember to keep the starting line and finish line close to each other, otherwise the race may take too long.

Record video of the dramatic race and post it on here.