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SOS Classroom

Grades K-2 Physics: Buoyancy

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Understanding Buoyancy
Experiment: Why do some cans of pop float while others sink?

Materials Needed:

  • Several different brands of unopened pop
  • Several different brands of unopened diet pop
  • A large aquarium or sink
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All you need for this experiment are several cans of different brands of unopened pop, several cans of different brands of unopened diet pop and a large aquarium or a sink. Fill the sink or aquarium about ¾ full of water and place all of the cans in the water, while making sure there are no air bubbles caught under the bottom of any of the cans. Which ones float and which ones don’t? Do the diet pops float or sink more often? Are there some brands of normal pop that float or do they all sink? The cans of soda have the exact same volume or size, so why do some float and some don’t? It all depends on what is dissolved in the soda. Regular pop has a lot of sugar to make it sweet, while diet pop has artificial sweeteners that affect their density. See what else you can find around the house to experiment with. There are many experiments involving eggs that you can do with materials from around the house.

Tells us what brands of soda float the best and why.