A Student's Loan with Zero Rate: What Is It and How Can You Get It?

If you want to pursue your studies, and you don't have enough money, it is advised to take a loan from your bank. As a student, without any income, a loan with zero rate will be more beneficial for you. Discover what we mean by student's loan with zero rate and how you can get it.

What is a student's loan with zero rate?

As the term zero rate indicates it, a loan with zero rate is a loan without interest. This loan is attributed to students, and they are just called to pay back the exact amount. At the opposite of classical loan, if the amount is €1000 you will pay back €1000. It is a good new for students. You have the opportunity to finance your studies. You should also know that the modalities to pay a loan with zero rate back depends on the bank. Don't worry, all the necessary information are indicated in your contract.

How to get a loan with zero rate?

The first thing to do is to contact your bank. You will get information about the loan. Your bank will ask you to present a guarantee, a person who will take responsibilities if you don't pay back. It will be advised to choose someone with a good profession, this will give insurance to your ban. Apart from that, it is important to notify the conditions you must have if you want a loan. As for classic loan, the loan with zero rate is obtained under some conditions:
Be aged between 18 and 28 years old
Have necessary documents to prove your inscription in a university.
Present a guarantee or a caution
Present a file with at least your identity card, a proof that you have a residence.