, a chatbot creation platform adapted to all

More and more today, online services are done through computer robots: chatbots or conversational agents. Many companies are adopting it to boost their turnover but for it to become an integral part of the company's website, it is necessary to think about its creation. Several platforms are available, including BOTNATION AI. Let's see together what this platform offers., what to know?

One of the best chatbot creation platforms in the world and especially in France, allows you to easily create your chatbot to your company's taste this without any difficulty. It is solicited by a good number of companies for its ease of use in the realization of the chatbot but also thanks to the numerous functionalities which are added to it to make the company profitable. What are the advantages that this platform offers.


What does offer?

It has several advantages unlike other platforms that are on the chatbot design market namely:

  • It is in French so no need for translation before use or English language knowledge.
  • It is easy to use without any development or computer knowledge. Only you need to take the time for a training for the process of realization and that's it for your first chatbot.
  • The chatbots created easily integrate with websites but also and especially and social networks in their entirety as i thought about this 
    to facebook, whatsap, twitter.....
  • It has an extensive model catalogue so you won't run out of ideas during your creation.
  • A most competitive rate to manage your many subscribers in real time to access their every desire.

Beyond all this, it gives you the ability to easily take control of the ongoing discussion with your bot if the need arises.