How to deactivate the house alarm ?

Technological development has made many things possible. Particularly in the field of security, it has made it possible to install alarm systems in homes. However, for one reason or another, you may decide to stop the operation of the alarm system installed in your house. How do you do this? Find the techniques by reading this article. 

Cutting the power from the main panel 

The alarm system is often installed to prevent intrusion. To do this, when there is an intruder in the building, the alarm is automatically triggered and signals this with a loud sound. Click on other to find out more. To deactivate this system, all you have to do is find the metal box that serves as the main panel. Once you have found the box and opened it, all you have to do is switch off the voltage transformer. This will turn off the power supply. This will take the whole alarm system out of service. 

Disconnecting the alarm with the remote control 

Technology has made it possible to have remote-controlled alarm systems. So, with the remote control, at a distance of about 100 meters, you can easily manipulate your alarm. Then you can decide to stop the alarm to have easy access to certain rooms in your house. When your request is successfully registered, you will see a green, red or red light illuminate as appropriate. However, for your own safety, make sure you do not leave this remote control within the reach of anyone. 

Stopping the alarm with the badge reader

A simple and easy way to deactivate your alarm system is to use your access badge. Here, you won't need to insert a code or anything. You simply put your badge in the reader. The reader checks whether the badge is valid or not before proceeding to deactivate it to give you access to the room. Generally, when the badge is accepted, a green light comes on. If not, you will see a red light. You must be careful with your badge. For your safety, do not allow anyone with bad intentions to get their hands on it.