How to get started with time-lapse photography

You've probably seen a sunset or a flower blooming in 30 seconds on film or on the Internet. If not, you've probably heard of time-lapse photography. This is a time adaptation film created from a series of photographs. How is a time adaptation created? This article will tell you everything you need to know about time-lapse photography.

How do you create a time adaptation movie ?

You can use a simple camera to create a time-lapse movie. For more information, visit 
basics. Professional 4K DSLR cameras often have an "intervalometer" function that allows you to set the number of frames, the time interval between shots, and the length of the time lapse. Be sure to use a tripod to keep your shots steady. 

Once you have all these materials, all that is left is for you to create a script and run it. You will also need a computer and video editing software for further processing. Image processing and selection is an important step, since only images optimized for a pleasant environment, such as good weather, should be saved.

When is it appropriate to use photography indefinitely ?

In its early days, time-lapse photography was widely used in art and science to depict landscapes, sunrises or sunsets, moving clouds, flowers in bloom, or traffic. In cinematography, the principle is used to speed up video sequences, situations or as a transition between two scenes. Today, it is also used in the redesign of commercial facilities, in real estate, and on construction sites of all sizes.

What are the advantages of time-lapse photography when monitoring construction sites ?

For the business owner, time-lapse photography is a real advantage and allows him to present his expertise to clients with impressive animation. It is an effective tool for internal and external communication. It also saves a lot of time in remote monitoring of a construction site. 

For companies, time-lapse footage can effectively enrich the portfolio of recommendations that can be presented to customers. In this case, time-lapse video makes it possible to quickly assess the company's competence and expertise. In this way, it emphasizes your competitive advantage. It also complements your arguments for entering new markets.