How to succeed in your SEO migration ?

SEO migration is a process that allows to write web pages (URLs) during a partial or total redesign of a website. Discover through this article, the steps for a successful SEO migration.

What to know about SEO migration ?

With the evolution of the world and the innovation of web designs, it is possible and necessary to make updates in order to always remain competitive on the market. Thus, for SEO migration, a website redesign is required. The redesign of a website consists of rebuilding the website on a new CMS or changing the domain name or merging with another website. Thus, the migration of the site is the set of techniques that will allow to move from the old site to the new site while maintaining the continuity in the operation of the site. You can visit their website.
In addition it is necessary to develop a complete plan to redirect all pages that will be mapped to a new location. In order to succeed in the mapping technique, you should use the permanent 301 redirect for each rewritten URL.

The importance of establishing a mobile version during your SEO migration 

More and more people are accessing sites through their mobile devices. This is why Google has developed a strategy to prioritize the mobile version. That being said, you should also prioritize the mobile version of your site from the design to the content. This will make the users feel comfortable and have a good experience. Also, you should make sure that the files present on the site such as images or videos are optimized so that the speed of the page is not slowed down. 
Furthermore, after you have made your new site operational and succeeded in your SEO migration, you must analyze your no index tags well. This will make the pages of your site easily findable on search engines.