How to use a chatbot on Facebook ?

Also known as a conversational agent, the chatbot is a chat robot or conversational agent used to interact on a chat space like facebook, telegram, trello etc. It is a computer tool used by online stores to boost their business. A valuable tool that is difficult or incomprehensible for others to use.

Use the chatbot to answer the concerns of your subjects

Asking for information on Facebook is easier, simpler and faster than on other networks or channels like email. Each user who contacts you starts in most cases with a question, and very often the same question you already answered to another. This makes the facebook chatbot the best tool to answer common questions from your customers. Write automatic answers to the common concern of your customers. More details to continued.
Indeed, the questions that come up in most cases is in relation to shipping costs, the status of an order, how to change a product, etc. For example, in the case of a concern about an order already placed by the customer, you can program the chatbot to ask him directly for his order number. You have a lot of possibilities to use the chatbot that will considerably reduce your tasks like providing consumers with essential information for a quick choice.

The chatbot for a better experience on your site

Facilitating and accompanying the customer in the purchase process is of great importance, because in addition to increasing sales, it allows you to retain your customers. So you can use your facebook chabot to send validations during a payment or a shipping. You also have the possibility to configure a technical support in case of refusal of their card or a payment failure which will improve your customer service and reduce to the maximum the abandonment of a cart. You can also send alerts to your customers in case of a change or a special offer. Offers or promotions to increase considerably the rate of conversions of your site all this very quickly.