How to use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing?

With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the ultimate social network for those investing in online marketing and needing to reach a large audience.

Facebook Ads

Used to promote products or services on the platform, Facebook ads are shared as advertising links. The various links created appear on the News Feed, through videos, as well as on Facebook Messenger. Everything is done in such a way that it can reach a fairly large audience depending on the target. Click here to see more details

The main advantage that Facebook offers over its rivals is that it is much more affordable. In addition, payments are more beneficial when practicing affiliation while respecting the standards and rules of the platform.

Some possible campaigns with Facebook ads

To use Facebook Ads and succeed in affiliate marketing, the platform offers a number of possibilities.

Pay per engagement

This type of advertising focuses on users who comment and interact on your publications, with the aim of directly reaching a target that is fairly close and immediately more accessible. Those who need the product or service are more easily reached.

Pay per click

Pay-per-click is a quick way to get traffic and is perfectly suited for personal pages and blogs. Affiliate links are shared through the news feeds of people who are able to see multiple ads at once; in this case through the news feed.

Pay per conversion

Pay-per-conversion is a great way to get a large number of leads. This advertising option offered by Facebook uses algorithms to study user behaviour on the platform, with the aim of matching business objectives to their advertising campaigns.

Using Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Facebook ads are a real boon for affiliate marketing because of their ability to reach a large audience. All you have to do is share the various affiliate links on your pages and in your groups, while scrupulously respecting the standards and rules of the Facebook platform.