Marketing and communication: What is it?

Marketing and communication are booming sectors and many companies use these means to develop their activities. Find out everything you need to know about marketing and communication in the following articles.

 Marketing and communication

Marketing is defined as a commercial action aimed at promoting a product, a service or a company. As for communication, it includes all the tools and channels used to promote these products, services and companies. Visit this site to find out more

Marketing is therefore seen as a means of perfecting the relationship between companies and the targets they aim to reach. The two complement each other to ensure effective promotion of the company and/or its products.

Roles of marketing and communication

With regard to the activities of a given sector, services and products, the marketer implements communication strategies in order to offer advice on marketing, innovation and methodology for optimal support of the projects submitted to him.

They draw up communication plans in line with the objectives and define a marketing and communication strategy. These enable a refined market study to be carried out, and the project to be evaluated.

 Managing corporate relationships through marketing and communication

With regard to relationship and loyalty strategies, marketing and communication agencies propose means of dissemination and communication adapted to a lasting relationship with customers and partners. Promoting the company's image is a key task.

To achieve this, networks and clubs are set up as well as communication tools (advertising media, seminars, press conferences, etc.). These two means of promotion are used to increase the company's reputation in order to improve its position on the market.

Marketing and communication are seen today as excellent means of enhancing the value of a company's products and services and creating customer loyalty.