Single hole bathroom faucet: How to install it?

The bathroom is usually made up of several elements, including the faucet. Indeed, this installation is the channel through which water is available in the bathroom. However, its installation is not at all easy. In fact, before you start the task, you must master the steps to follow for the installation to be successful. So, find here, the process to follow to install a single hole bathroom faucet.

Prepare for installation

This step involves checking the water supply to the bathroom and turning it off. Then open the nearest faucet so you can drain the system. For a renovation, take a wrench and start by unscrewing the shower hose from your old faucet. As you unscrew the nuts from the faucet, you will see the fittings where you need to install your new system. Click on the website link to learn more about this step.

Prepare the fittings

At this point, you will need to do a pre-assembly before proceeding with the faucet assembly. This pre-assembly allows you to fine-tune your settings and get a general idea of how the faucet will look after installation. 
Next, use the ends of the valve screws to check the center distance of the fittings and their alignment. Also check to see if the fittings are aligned horizontally. Next, screw in the rosettes and then mount the valve by attaching the valve nuts to the fittings. However, make sure that they do not touch the rosettes.  

Install your valve

Once the fittings are in place, you can now proceed to install the faucet. To do this, use Teflon to seal the eccentric connections. Next, position the fittings and check that the center distance is horizontal. When everything is correct, screw on the rosettes and the valves. Tighten everything with a wrench and check one last time if your assembly is really horizontal.