Top 3 advantages of a chatbot for a company

For some time now, chatbots have become irreplaceable tools for websites and applications to integrate interactions more easily. Are you hesitating to invest in a chatbot? That's understandable, but for many companies it's worth it. This article provides information on the advantages of having a chatbot.

Chatbots give your company a voice

If contact with your customers is infrequent or almost impossible, setting up a chatbot is a great opportunity to shape your brand image. Some companies use a chatbot as their company mascot. Mascots are therefore easily memorable and attract the attention of customers. Read more tips here. Chatbots also allow your company to be creative, so you have full control over the flow of its conversations, the tone it uses, its voice, its name and its personality. These elements take a lot of work and can have an impact on your company's image.

Chatbots boost customer engagement

Chatbots are capable of having real-time conversations and above all respond instantly. These are a big improvement over phone trees that force callers to wait for an exhaustive list of orders. This instantaneous contact is what helps to increase customer engagement on the company's website. Customers appreciate the speed and convenience of chatbots, especially when they are called upon at a time when they need it. Studies have shown that most customers are more likely to engage with chatbots when they have an emergency or need a quick response.

Chatbots automate repetitive and simple work

Chatbots are not intended to replace your service agents but are still excellent assistants. Some tasks such as sending calls and making appointments can be automated via a chatbot. In this regard, several companies have reported that their chatbots have helped them reduce their customer service costs and improve their response times by solving the simplest of requests. They are now able to take on many new actions such as sending or receiving mail.