Top 4 Of the Best Contraceptives

You are sexually active, but you are not ready to manage a pregnancy? Don't worry! Let's discover different methods which may help you plan your ideal moment and keep you healthy.

The condom

It is a flexible sleeve made of latex. Its use consists on avoiding the transmission of sexual fluids between two persons during a sexual intercourse. There is a type of condom for women and another type for men. For men, it must be rolled onto their penis. But for woman, it should be placed into their vagina. It is an excellent contraceptive because apart from preventing undesired pregnancy, it also helps to avoid STDs. Condoms can be bought in a pharmacy without a medical prescription and is free of hormone.

The oral contraceptive pill

It is a little tablet that must be taken once a day. There are different kinds of pill, but it is important to choose the one that is right for you. The pills are only taken by women and have positive impacts on them. It can reduce painful periods, or help to be sexually spontaneous. Forgetting to take it makes its use less effective. There are combined pills with estrogen and progestin, and pills with progestin only. The pills are good contraceptive but don't protect from STDs.

The contraceptive implant

This method is only for women. Ladies, when you choose this method, a flexible rod is placed under your skin in your upper arm. The rod releases a progesterone hormone which stops your ovary to release the ovum, and makes the sperm entry in the womb difficult by thickening the cervical mucus. The rod insertion or withdrawal needs a small surgery with local anesthetic. The rods must be replaced after three years. This method does not protect against STD.