What are the steps to get your visitax in Cancun?

Do you dream of visiting the Caribbean and enjoying its beautiful beaches? Then make your dreams come true. Simply pay your visitax which is a new compulsory tax for foreigners. This will allow you to join the list of destinations and stay in the state of Cancun. Read this article to know the steps to follow to get your visitax for Cancun.

Getting your visitax online

You can get your visitax online. Visitax Cancun is a tax paid by tourists. As long as you want to travel to Mexico, you are asked to pay this unique tax for your stay simply with a valid passport, credit card and email address. Then, via their Visitax website, you will receive a quick and easy questionnaire to fill out that will only take five minutes of your time. Then finally, you will receive confirmation of your payment with the barcode to present to the Mexican authorities via your email address. But if you have any problems filling in the online application form, contact their customer services team available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day for more details.

Paying for your visitax at the airport

You have the choice of paying for your Visitax before you travel, on arrival or even before you return home. The first two actions are done online. Only the third one is only possible at the airport in Cancun. But it is easier, faster and more secure to pay your Visitax online. Not only will you avoid long waits at the airport, but you will also minimize the risk of missing your trip. You have two options for obtaining your Visitax. You can either pay online with your credit card or via PayPal, or you can pay in cash at the airport in Cancun. If you are Mexican, you will not need a Visitax before you can enjoy the charms of Playa del Carmen, Bacalar and many other interesting discoveries.