What do you need to know about the Tikee or Tikee pro camera ?

Do you want to have very special effects during your shooting ? The Enlaps has a Tikee and Tikee pro type camera that can help you control the frame rate so that the subject’s movement is accelerated during the projection. Read this article to learn more about this tool.

Tikee and Tikee Pro : features and performance

In general, there are two types of cameras designed by Enlaps. This is the Tikee and Tikee pro version. Technically, they are differentiated by their modes of transmission. If you want more information, find this on this site. Indeed, the Pro version will be able to operate via a 4G chip (like a mobile phone) and via Wi-Fi while the standard version will only offer Wi-Fi. The Pro version will also offer recording of photos in DNG, a Universal RAW format providing better dynamic range for image processing.

Intended for professionals and demanding amateurs, Enlaps Tikee cameras offer a sleek design combined with cutting-edge technology allowing you to achieve timelapses in 6K, 4K or Full HD at 220 ° ! Efficient, ultra-compact and connected, they can be configured via a smartphone application, also accessible on a computer. A fun and well thought-out workspace that allows you to use your Enlaps camera remotely.

Other characteristics

Equipped with two 16MP wide-angle sensors, the Tikee and Tikee Pro cameras are able to capture images at 220 ° in 4K ! Weatherproof (IP54) and ultra-resistant, they merge two images previously saved on their memory cards to reproduce a precise and perfectly defined photograph. Lightweight and compact, these timelapse cameras benefit from a high efficiency solar panel that allows them to be used continuously. Capable of recording images in 4K +, the Tikee and Tikee Pro cameras technically dominate the timelapse camera market. You can very easily insert a timelapse from the Tikee in a promotional video made with professional cameras and drones.

In short, the Tikee and Tikee pro cameras offer you the possibility of being able to achieve perfect timelapses without needing technical knowledge in photo and video. Everything is designed to be intuitive, both in terms of their settings and in the Cloud for the generation and editing of the timelapse. Their adjustable solar panels allow long-term use in total autonomy, an essential point on which the creators of timelapse can count.