What is a hoodie

The hoodie is a casual weekend staple. The long-sleeved hoodie or cotton sweater is an essential piece of clothing for the casual male wardrobe. The best hoodie is one that has a belly pocket, a deep hood and is loose fitting to look good in any situation.

How to choose a hoodie fabric?

When you want to choose a product, take a thick and heavy cotton. Therefore, you need the fleece fabric that makes up this sweatshirt to be stiff on the outside, dry, smooth and a little hard. You can click on https://japanese-temple.com/ to see better quality hoodies. It should be smoothed very tightly in cotton. The inside of the fabric should be soft, fluffy. It needs to be scratchy cotton or looped. The best is to find a sweater in Loop wheeled fabric.

What cut for a good sweater?

A hoodie is a piece that should be comfortable. It should not be worn like a wool sweater. It should leave room for movement and also give the possibility to wear a t-shirt or sweater underneath. A hood that is deep and thick is a plus. The pocket and the hood are very important. They will allow you to protect yourself from the cold and wind when you are in need. Make sure that the hood is thick, maybe even lined, so that it fits properly when you wear it. The pocket should be deep to be very useful. It can hold your phone or your wallet.

What color hoodie should I choose?

The best is the gray mottled one. It's the easiest to wear and can be combined with many looks. It is easy to wear colors like green or burgundy. Navy blue is too monochromatic with jeans, so it is not very complicated to wear. White is good, but it's messy.