What is the difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing?

Network marketing and affiliate marketing are two categories of the digital world of doing business. They allow us to do our business from the four corners of our homes and therefore without moving an inch. However, many people fail to identify the difference between these two areas. This article will highlight this.

The definition

Although they are both the methods of selling online, affiliate marketing and network marketing do not mean the same thing. Indeed, affiliate marketing is a way to make profits by promoting the goods and services of other companies. Network marketing, on the other hand, is a system based on sponsorship, i.e. attracting people and convincing them to do the same, in order to build a large network. For more information, please visit: our website.


While being part of one is easy and without much hassle, the other is the opposite. So, to be a member of affiliate marketing, you just need to sign up on one of their platforms and for free. But access to network marketing is not free, depending on the platform. So the registration fees differ from one platform to another regarding network marketing.

The choice of goods to promote

Affiliate marketing leaves the choice to its affiliates to promote the products they want and that match their target audience. In contrast, for network marketing, affiliates are obliged to promote the products that the company entrusts to them.

Advertising control

To enable their affiliates to monitor the progress of their business, affiliate and network marketing proceed differently. For this, affiliates in affiliate marketing track their sales through the publication of single tracking links unlike network marketing where multiple communication channels such as social networks, email addresses and phone calls are required. Despite the fact that they are different from each other, these two digital marketing systems can make huge profits.