What is the importance of cpanel ?

Cpanel is an IT tool that allows you to install, manage, update and configure servers. It has an interface that manages files, accounts, email servers and the hosting of your website. Follow some of the benefits of cpanel in this article.

Graphical user interface

The cpanel interface has an iconic layout that makes it easy to use and navigate the different functions. The cpanel is represented by the different icons in the central area of the screen. It has some anti ddos potential. Your email account, emails, server information are also represented by the icons. Then you have the control panels which are separate for those who are in administration, clients, suppliers and those who have email accounts.

Script installation

There are two scripts that can come with cpanel. There is the simple script and the Fantatisco script. Getting these scripts depends on your hosting provider. These tools allow you to install content management software on sites and forums. The installation can be done with a programming tool using the installation process. You simply click on the location followed by the name and your code.

Monitoring tool and reseller support

Cpanel has a tool that provides information on important site features. But other additional information can be obtained through the specific programs that come with cpanel. It allows you to track the traffic of your sites. Also, cpanel supports hosting resellers. It offers competitive services in the market and has many useful features. Resellers are able to control their Cpanel account for the creation of new hosting packages. They manage to delete accounts that are not useful and follow up regularly. Then it has a hosting site tracking, configuration and reselling tool. Cpanel has some compatibility with other programs which makes it more accessible for site resellers.